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Add verb to put_dict so it can use CAS to only create the keys in the mapping if they do not exist yet.

In [2]: d = {'k1': 'v1', 'kv2': 'v2'}
In [3]: c = Connection()
In [4]: c.put_dict(d, verb='cas')
In [5]: c.put_dict(d, verb='cas')
HTTPError: HTTP Error 409: Conflict


Breaks compatiblity with previous versions.

The default endpoint is now

DEFAULT_ENDPOINT = 'http://localhost:8500/v1/'

instead of

DEFAULT_KV_ENDPOINT = 'http://localhost:8500/v1/kv/'

This makes it more sensible to use conn.get_meta. otherwise you'd have
to manually specify the kv-less default endpoint and pass 'kv/' to all
kv items you'd want to interact with. See [20](

The transaction default endpoint is now `http://localhost:8500/v1/txn`.
Note that there is no trailing slash for this endpoint.


Adds [CAS functionality]( Thanks [jakobdalsgaard](!


Allow to [recurse nested levels]( Thanks [nadirollo](!



Has known vulnerabilities

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