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- Nothing changed yet.



- Translated some untranslated strings into Dutch, German and French.



- Remove pseudo-field ``contentDescription`` and its use in Poll view.

- Fix a selection bug when your choice is greater than 10.

- Add minimal buildout

- Include permission from Products.CMFCore for fixing zcml error

- Accessibility fix: text node replaced with HTML label

- Do not raise Unauthorized error anymore is user can see
the Poll but not vote

- Description field is now displayed

- Do not filter Popoll in portlet for anonymous (close `1`__)
[micecchi, keul]

- Some additional user messages in the Poll view

- Restored natural Plone order for field in the Poll view

- Fixed Poll view for Plone 4 compatibility



* Fixed italian translation (micecchi)
* Moved repo to Plone github collective [sneridagh]
* Plone 4.3 support [sneridagh]



* Fix malformed HTML entities. (kdeldycke)
* Plone4 support: drop the usage of the deprecated PTSTranslationDomain (jcbrand)



* Added a catalog index in GS profile (isEnabled) to make poll portlet working
(disabled polls must not be displayed)

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