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Latest version: v3.1.0

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- Nothing changed yet.



- Python 3 (3.4 amd 3.5) support.

3.6 support will be added when Twisted supports Python 3.6.
(There are worrying test failures under Python 3.6.)

- Minor convenience change to API: When instantiating primary or
secondary servers, you can pass a file-name instead of a storage
instance and a file storage will be created automatically.



- Add support for ZODB 5

- Drop ZooKeeper support.



- Fixed: monitor got the primary last transaction time before before
getting the secondary last transaction time, sometimes leading to
spurious reports of the primary being behind the secondary.



Fixed: the nagios monitor only worked if the primary and secondary ran
in the same process (as in they did in the tests.)



Include ``src/**/*.rst`` files in sdist.

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