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* fix `getSchemas` and `getFieldGroups` because of Adobe AEP API change.
* adding a __str__ and __repr__ method to all Classes.
* `enableSchemaForRealTime` now also supports the schema `$id`
* abstracting HTTP methods for the `ConnectObject`
* providing a parameter to setup SSL verify in HTTP methods.
* providing `title` column on `to_dataframe` method for `SchemaManager` instances.
* adding the different methods available for sandbox tooling in the `sandboxes` module:
* getPackages
* getPackage
* deletePackage
* createPackage
* updatePackage
* importPackageCheck
* importPackage
* getImportExportJobs
* getPackageDependencies
* checkPermissions
* providing `DataTypeManager` class in the schema module\
* fixing `title` for array and array of objects in `to_dataframe()` methods for SchemaManager and FieldGroupManager.
* dropping reference to `pathlib` as required module in `requirements.txt` and `` file
* adding the new methods `importSchemaDefinition` and `importFieldGroupDefinition` in the Schema and Field Group Manager.
* adding support for Data Type Manager in the Field Group Manager instance (`getDataTypeManager()` method and `dataTypes` attribute)
* adding the `DataTypeManager` class instantiation from `Schema` instance
* fixing `getAudiences` method in Segmentation
* extending flowManager
* fixing `importSchemaDefinition` and `importFieldGroupDefinition` first bugs.


* adding methods for Policy module.
* `evaluateMarketingActionUsageLabel`
* `evaluateMarketingActionDataset`
* `createOrupdateCustomMarketingAction`
* `getCustomMarketingAction`
* Fixing issue on Schema Manager when multiple sandboxes are used.
* adding `compareDFschemas` method in schema module and `Schema` class.
* removing & renaming parameters for `SchemaManager` methods in `Schema` class.
* Fixing `schemaAPI` reference in `FieldGroupManager` instantiation
* adding exportDatasetToDataLandingZone module.
* `createDataFlowIfNotExists`
* `createDataFlow`
* `createBaseConnection`
* `createSourceConnection`
* `createSourceConnection`
* `createTargetConnection`
* `createFlow`
* `createFlowRun`
* `checkIfRetry`
* Fixing addFieldGroupToSchema\
* Changing return type of `compareDFschemas` method to dataFrame
* Fixing `FieldGroupManager` discovery of custom data type
* More robust `getFailedBatchDF` method
* Supporting pandas > 2.0 by replacing `append` with `concat`
* Fixing support to `getEntity` method in `customerProfile` for experienceEvents data.
* Fixing `start` parameter that is not supported for `getSchemas` anymore.
* default the getSchemas to not get the adhoc schema.
* Fixing the FieldGroupManager intantiation.
* adding documentation on the Catalog
* Adding `onlyDestinations` and `onlySources` as parameter for the `getFlows` method.
* Fixing the `createDataset` method when wanting to have a dataset enabled for Profile and Identity Service.


* Supporting Oauth V2 token for authentication in the config file and configure methods.See [getting-started](./
* Change in the default config file creation. It is now automatically creating a config file giving information for Oauth Server-to-Server integration
* Change for Oauth V1, the parameter value is now `oauthV1` instead of `oauth` when importing the config file. Automatically, the type of authentication is detected but you can still force the type of authentication to be done via the `auth_type` parameter.


* Supporting the disabling SSL certificate disablement capability


* adding a new module : `destinationInstanceService`
* The new module will help provide destination support.
* logging some errors when identified in the connector `getData` operation
* returning errors for getSchemas operation
* Fixing `getRuns` in `FlowService` class when there are no runs to fetch.
* adding the possibility to extract `description` field when running `to_dataframe` in Schema and Field Group Managers
* adding the `getDataSetObservableSchema` method to retrieve all fields that contains data.


* support for Service Token
* refactoring of token generation to support user-based-token
* Use `DataClass` for better abstraction of Token endpoint response.
* sandbox management for JW and Service Token
* fix issue on `SchemaManager` and `FieldGroupManager` for searching for fields at root.
* adding first set of test
* support JSON file for `uploadSmallFile` method in `ingestion` module
* fixing header `'Content-Type'` header param for `enableDatasetIdentity` in `catalog` module.

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