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**Date**: 18 August 2015

* Repackage 2.4.7 without pyc files.


Not secure
**Date**: [18 August 2015](

* Upgrade guardian support to 1.3


Not secure


Not secure
**Date**: 24 March 2015

* **Security fix**: Escape tab switching cookie name in browsable API. [Backported from 3.1.1](


Not secure
**Date**: [3rd November 2014](

* **Security fix**: Escape URLs when replacing `format=` query parameter, as used in dropdown on `GET` button in browsable API to allow explicit selection of JSON vs HTML output.
* Maintain ordering of URLs in API root view for `DefaultRouter`.
* Fix `follow=True` in `APIRequestFactory`
* Resolve issue with invalid `read_only=True`, `required=True` fields being automatically generated by `ModelSerializer` in some cases.
* Resolve issue with `OPTIONS` requests returning incorrect information for views using `get_serializer_class` to dynamically determine serializer based on request method.


Not secure
**Date**: [19th September 2014](

* Support translatable view docstrings being displayed in the browsable API.
* Support [encoded `filename*`][rfc-6266] in raw file uploads with `FileUploadParser`.
* Allow routers to support viewsets that don't include any list routes or that don't include any detail routes.
* Don't render an empty login control in browsable API if `login` view is not included.
* CSRF exemption performed in `.as_view()` to prevent accidental omission if overriding `.dispatch()`.
* Login on browsable API now displays validation errors.
* Bugfix: Fix migration in `authtoken` application.
* Bugfix: Allow selection of integer keys in nested choices.
* Bugfix: Return `None` instead of `'None'` in `CharField` with `allow_none=True`.
* Bugfix: Ensure custom model fields map to equivelent serializer fields more reliably.
* Bugfix: `DjangoFilterBackend` no longer quietly changes queryset ordering.

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