Latest version: v0.9.5

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- Use zc.buildout's download utility instead of our own logic for
downloading and caching resources. MD5 checksums are now optional.



- Fixed md5 computation on Windows.

- Fixed deprecation warnings caused by imports of md5 (moved inside hashlib
in newer Python versions) and doctest (deprecated in favour of the
standard lib's version in newer zope.testing versions).



- Copy downloaded files that are not archives of any known type to the
part's location.

- download-directory is now a part option that defaults to a buildout option
of the same name.

- Only create and use a directory for storing downloaded resources if the
download-directory option is specified.

- Take advantage of zc.buildout's download cache.

- Added tests.



- Added an option named "destination" to specify a directory to extract to.
If this option is given, its value must be an existent, empty directory,
and no part directory will be created. This is useful for extracting
source code to a temporary build directory, for example.

- Fixed tar.bz2 extraction.

- Temporary extract directory has a better name now to ease debugging.



- Try to create part directory only after downloading and unpacking the
archive. This avoids an empty part directory if something goes wrong.



- Fail if part directory exists already.



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