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Latest version: v3.4

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- Update to Unicode 15.0.0
- Migrate to pyproject.toml for build information (PEP 621)
- Correct another instance where generic exception was raised instead of
IDNAError for malformed input
- Source distribution uses zeroized file ownership for improved

Thanks to Seth Michael Larson for contributions to this release.



- Update to Unicode 14.0.0
- Update to in-line type annotations
- Throw IDNAError exception correctly for some malformed input
- Advertise support for Python 3.10
- Improve testing regime on Github
- Fix Russian typo in documentation

Thanks to Jon Defresne, Hugo van Kemenade, Seth Michael Larson,
Patrick Ventuzelo and Boris Verhovsky for contributions to this



- Add type hints (Thanks, Seth Michael Larson!)
- Remove support for Python 3.4



- Ensure license is included in package (Thanks, Julien Schueller)
- No longer mark wheel has universal (Thanks, Matthieu Darbois)
- Test on PowerPC using Travis CI



- Python 2 is no longer supported (the 2.x branch supports Python 2,
use "idna<3" in your requirements file if you need Python 2 support)
- Support for V2 UTS 46 test vectors.



- Update to Unicode 13.0.0.
- Throws a more specific exception if "xn--" is provided as a label.
- This is expected to be the last version that supports Python 2.

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