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- Breaking changes:
- Renamed the attribute `regex_process` in `toml`-files to `regex_wmclass`.
- Renamed the attribute `source` in `toml`-files to `url`.
- Removed cli-args which are now covered by settings menu.
- Fix duplicate IDs in included sections.
- Add settings menu to ui.
- Add Support KDE + Wayland.
- Focus search field on start.
- Cheatsheets:
- Moved some CLI commands into separate cheatsheet and include it in terminal apps.
- Added sheet for Keyhint itself.


- Fix background color in GTK 4.6.


- Fix missing method in GTK 4.6.


- Fix `No module named 'toml'`.


- Breaking changes in config files:
- Switch from yaml to toml format for shortcuts (you can use
[`yq`]( to convert yaml to toml)
- The key `hints` is renamed to `section`
- Dropping binary builds! Please install via `pipx install keyhint` instead.
- Add filter for shortcuts or section.
- Add possibility to hide whole cheatsheets via `hidden = true` in config files.
- Add fullscreen mode as default (toggle via `F11`)


- Update app to Gtk4
- Adjust hint files

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