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- Update TDLib to 1.8.16


- Update TDLib to 1.8.15 (
- Added support of **orjson** (it will be used if installed)
- Added support of `Plugins.include` and `Plugins.exclude`
- Added `custom_emoji` to `utils`
- Added `Update.reply_to`
- Added support of context manager in `TdJson`
- Removed deprecated `TdJson.td_json_client_destroy`
- Removed parameter `version` from `Update.mention`
- Minor fixes and performance improvements


- Update TDLib to 1.8.14 (tdlib/td328b8649d859c5ed4088a875cbb059db6029dc0d)
- Added the ability to load the current message in Update.getMessage
- Added [`default_parse_mode`]( to Client
- Added `message_thread_id` to `types.Update`
- Added a new chat ID example in [examples/](
- Added `is_limited` and `limited_seconds` to `types.Result`.
- Rename TDjson to TdJson
- Minor and performance improvements


- Update TDLib to 1.8.13 (tdlib/td17e120d).
- Added [`call_method`]( to `Client`.
- Added `getChatMember` to `types.Update`.
- Added `answerCallbackQuery` to `types.Update`.
- Added `has_spoiler` to `sendPhoto`, `sendVideo`, `sendAnimation` methods.
- Added `remote_unique_id` to `types.Update`.
- Rename `ttl` to `self_destruct_time` in `sendPhoto`, `sendVideo` methods.
- Minor fixes and improvements.


- Update TDLib to 1.8.12 (tdlib/td70bee08).
- Added parameter [`clear_draft`]( to **sendTextMessage** method.
- Added parameter [`load_replied_message`]( to methods.
- Added [`sender_type`]( to **Update** class.
- Added [`leaveChat`]( to **Update** class.
- Added [`getSupergroupId`]( to **Update** class.
- Added [`local_file_id`]( to **Update** class.
- Added [`download`]( to **Update** class.
- Rename `Update.file_id` to `remote_file_id`.
- Now [**Pytdbot**]( will attempt to load chats when database is disabled. First you **must** call any **method** which return "**Chat not found**" error.
- Now [`Update.mention`]( returns full name of the user.
- Minor improvements.

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