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New features

1. **Test Code Improvements:**
- Streamlined and removed redundant code.

2. **Syncseed Properties:**
- Implementation of properties for more intuitive configuration adjustments.
- Proper handling for invalid assignments to configuration options.

3. **Benchmark Documentation**
- Added documentation for `` and ``.

4. **Bug Fixes:**
- Fixed a bug which caused the sample authentication system to fail to execute.
- Fixed a bug where the sample authentication system would not load it's configuration properly.


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request if you have suggestions for improvements or additional features.


New Features

1. **Synchronized Seed System:**
- Syncseed transitions from the old seed-increment system to a dynamic seed system.
- Synchronized seeds dynamically change with each authentication attempt, enhancing security against various attacks.

2. **Configurability:**
- Fine-tune key parameters for a tailored balance between security and performance.
- Adjust seed length, challenge rounds, scramble rounds, and other settings to match specific application requirements.

3. **Update Seed Functionality:**
- Introduces the "update seed" function, allowing periodic refreshing of seed values to maintain long-term security.
- Introduces seed mutations, enhancing the unpredictability of the overall system.

5. **User-Friendly API:**
- Provides a straightforward API for easy integration into Python applications.

Configuration Options

1. `set_seed_length(length)`: Set the length of the synchronized seed.
2. `set_challenge_rounds(rounds)`: Define the number of challenge rounds for enhanced security.
3. `set_scramble_rounds(rounds)`: Configure the scramble rounds to balance security and performance.
4. `set_seed_value_lower_bound(lower_bound)`: Set the lower bound for seed values.
5. `set_seed_value_upper_bound(upper_bound)`: Set the upper bound for seed values.
6. `set_cha_cha_generator_rounds(rounds)`: Adjust the number of ChaCha generator rounds.


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request if you have suggestions for improvements or additional features.

Synchronized Seed Authentication Proof of Concept - Version 1.2


1. **Configuration File Integration:**
- Added support for configuration files to centralize and manage server settings.
- Introduced a configuration file (`options.cfg`) for easy adjustment of parameters, including seed value bounds, challenge rounds, and server responses.

2. **Dynamic Seed Challenge Rounds:**
- Implemented dynamic challenge rounds in the authentication process.
- Challenge rounds enhance security by introducing variability and unpredictability during user authentication.

3. **Improved Logging:**
- Enhanced the logging system to capture more detailed information.
- Log entries now include timestamps, log levels, and specific details about authentication errors.

4. **Timeout Handling:**
- Implemented timeout handling for server socket connections to improve responsiveness.
- The server now gracefully handles timeouts, logging a warning and transmitting an authentication failure response.

5. **Code Refactoring and Cleanup:**
- Refactored code to improve readability and maintainability.
- Removed redundant code, improved variable naming, and organized imports for a cleaner codebase.

6. **Directory Structure Update:**
- Adjusted the directory structure for improved organization.
- Configuration files are now stored in a dedicated `Config` directory.

7. **Bug Fixes:**
- Addressed an issue with Ctrl+C interrupt handling during socket acceptance.
- Improved server shutdown behavior for a more reliable user experience.

8. **Documentation Update:**
- Updated the file to reflect the changes in configuration, usage, and contribution guidelines.
- Included a brief overview of the ChaCha algorithm and the role of challenge rounds in the authentication process.

10. **Overall System Enhancement:**
- Improved the overall system by combining cryptographic best practices with configuration flexibility for educational and experimental use.

Important Notes

- **Configuration File (`options.cfg`):**
- Users are encouraged to review and customize the configuration file to meet specific requirements.
- Ensure consistent configuration between server and client components for successful authentication.
- Run in the 'Config' folder to update the config file and reconfigure seeds.

- **Educational Purpose:**
- This proof of concept remains designed for educational purposes and is not intended for production use.
- Considerations for production environments, including secure storage mechanisms and communication protocols, should be addressed.


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request if you have suggestions for improvements or additional features.

Synchronized Seed Authentication Proof of Concept - Version 1.1


1. **Enhanced Error Handling:**
- Added proper error handling mechanisms throughout the code to catch and log exceptions. This provides better insight into potential issues.

2. **Logging Implementation:**
- Replaced print statements with the `logging` module for more structured and configurable logging. Now, error messages and important events are logged.

3. **Code Comments:**
- Added comments to explain the purpose and functionality of specific code blocks. Improved code readability and understanding.

4. **Separation of Concerns:**
- Introduced smaller functions to break down the `main` function into more manageable components.

6. **Security Measures:**
- Replaced the use of plain-text passwords with secure password hashing in a real-world scenario. Additionally, introduced the concept of encrypting communication using a secure protocol like TLS/SSL.

7. **Response Constants:**
- Defined constants for server response messages (`'Failed!'`, `'Success!'`) to improve code maintainability and consistency.

8. **Random Number Generation:**
- Swapped the use of `random.randint` with the ChaCha CSPRNG from the `randomgen` library. This enhances the security of random number generation in the authentication process.

9. **Concurrent Handling:**
- Introduced a basic mechanism for handling multiple simultaneous connections using threading. This lays the foundation for improved concurrency as the system scales.

10. **CTRL+C Shutdown:**
- Added a KeyboardInterrupt handler to gracefully shut down the server when interrupted with Ctrl+C. This ensures proper cleanup before exiting.

11. **Timeout Consideration:**
- Implemented a timeout for connections to prevent potential issues with hanging connections.


- This version represents a significant improvement in code structure, error handling, and security measures. It is recommended for use over the previous version.

- Always consider security best practices and potential issues when developing or deploying a production system.



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